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Petrol Prices Hike Alert
Help your family and friends.
Spread the word when you see a price hike.


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How to use Petrol Prices Melbourne alert

  • Wait until you see a significant petrol price hike somewhere around Melbourne.
  • Use the links provided to alert your family and friends.

Petrol Prices Melbourne Instructions:

Often I see a sudden increase in petrol prices in Melbourne which means if the tank is low, time to fill up. Sometimes my tank is fairly full so no need to fill up. But sometimes I miss the sudden increase and that adds about $10 to a tankful. I thought, what if I could let family and friends know I'd spotted a sudden increase and they could also let me know. That way we all help each other. I built the Petrol Prices Melbourne web app as a tool for my family and friends to help each other. You're welcome to use it as well.

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