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All Submitted Petrol Stations



Map showing petrol prices for all petrol stations submitted by the general public today. To see nearby petrol stations with more detail listed, select Nearby in the menu above.




Using the map

Hover your mouse over a marker to see full details. Move around the map and zoom as required. You can click or press on the marker to see the details for the petrol station.

Markers on the map indicate petrol stations and are colour coded to indicate price. A marker's colour ranges from dark red, through yellow and to dark green.

  • There are eleven coloured markers with each colour representing a one cent range.
  • Markers cover an eleven cent range with the dark green and dark red at the lowest and highest prices, also include anything outside the range.
  • The middle of the range is the average price for the day.
  • Faded markers are from the previous day.
  • The white marker is your approximate location.
  • You can press on a marker to find out more information. On a notebook or desktop computer you can also hover your mouse over a marker to find out more information.


  • At times where prices are hiking it is best to ignore prices from yesterday.
  • At times where prices are hiking you'll largely see dark green and dark red markers as most prices fall outside the average plus or minus five cents.
  • At times where prices are hiking the dark green marker will contain the cheapest prices but that may cover quite a price range. Use the Nearby or Cheapest pages to obtain better price information, hover your mouse over markers, or click on markers for more information.
  • When prices have spiked most petrol stations end up similar. This means the new price is the average so you'll see mostly yellow markers.
  • A few days after prices have spiked and are again going down, more different coloured markers show.
  • When prices are dropping the yellow marker is the average.
  • When prices are dropping darkest green will contain the cheapest prices.


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