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Nearby Petrol Stations



Map showing up to 10 nearby petrol prices for petrol stations submitted by the general public today. To see all petrol stations, select All in the menu above.





Coloured markers are shown on the map for petrol stations. The white marker is your location. The petrol station markers range from dark red, to yellow and to dark green. The colour indicates the price of the petrol. Dark red is the most expensive, whilst dark green is the cheapest. Each colour represents a one cent range, except the darkest red and green which indicate all prices above the average plus or minus five cents. A yellow marker is the average price. Faded markers indicate the price was submitted yesterday.

Below the map are the details for each petrol station. If using a desktop or notebook computer you can hover your mouse over the marker to also see the details. You can also click or press on the marker to display the details for the petrol station.

50 L + Cost
Sometimes driving or detouring to a petrol station rather than the closest petrol station can save money. To make it easier to compare the cost of a tank of 50 litres of petrol plus the cost of driving to the petrol station from your current location is shown. The distance is as the crow flies so the actual distance will be further. Fuel usage based on 10 Litres per 100 km.

Discount vouchers
A discount voucher can further reduce the price per litre. For the 50 Lt + Cost calculation, if the voucher is for 4 cents per litre, reduce the amounts by $2.


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